Iboga Solar Fire Magaliesburg Cradle Ibogaine Retreat – South Africa

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Iboga Solar Fire Magaliesburg Cradle Ibogaine Retreat – South Africa
Iboga Solar Fire Africa is nestled in the Cradle of Human Kind, Magaliesburg where Rhoda, Rinaldo and Tanitchkha facilitate intensive deep cleansing purification on all levels with an all natural 100 % holistic approach.

Each program is tailor designed to suit the individual. Our most popular retreat is the 7 day program, consisting of coffee colonics re cultivation of the digestive tract, high purification sweat, Iboga root bark flush and ibogaine treatment.

The Program assists in release of old chemical habits from pain killers, sleeping tablets, opiates, alcohol, sex, television, gaming, computer addictions and whatever shackles that hold us back from attaining a more perfected state of being

This holistic program is very popular for general detoxifying the body from foods containing GMOs pesticides, herbicides free radicals heavy metal poisoning as well as de-fluoridation of the veins and endocrine system(and pineal gland) assisting re setting the body and brain into crystalline homeostasis!

Enquire about costs – Rates range between $1000 to $2000 depending on programme, duration of stay etc.


3 thoughts on “Iboga Solar Fire Magaliesburg Cradle Ibogaine Retreat – South Africa

  • Hello,

    My husband and myself live in Sedgefield, but is currently working in Pretoria. I have met Natiscka awhile back when she was at Bunkhaus on the mountain in Sedgefield. We are also friends of Gerhard van Wyk, that visited again last week. Also friends, Christo Moller, Andre van Wyk and Arina Eybers have urged us to also visit.

    We think that we need to do it now and I actually thought that I send you this message this morning, but apparently there is another facility like yours in Magaliesburg.

    We do not have any addictions at this stage, except for co-dependency maybe. We have been married for 20 years and have had trust issues in the last five years that we are trying to overcome. Triggers keep popping up and we are hoping that this could be the answer for a reset?

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