Preparing the body for a medicine journey

•It is always necessary to observe a careful diet for at least a week (and preferably longer) leading up to the ingestion of plant medicine. Plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables should be eaten, while making sure to drink at least a couple of litres of water per day. If its tap water then it should be filtered.
•Cut back on animal protein, and stick mostly to fish and chicken if you must eat meat. Avoid red meat if you can, and cut out pork and processed meats all together. Nuts are a better source of protein.
•Avoid eating bread, particularly store bought, as this often contains nasty additives such as “flour improvers” and GM soya. Also avoid baked goods and processed foods altogether.
•Cut back on dairy products, or leave them out completely if you can.
•Avoid stimulants such as coffee or black tea – drink herbal teas instead.
•Cut out alcohol, smoking marijuana, and any recreational drugs at least three days prior, but preferably a week.
•Cease taking any pharmaceutical drugs (including painkillers and anti-inflammatories) for at least a week prior.
•If at all possible, it is best to do raw juicing and colonics three days prior.

If you are interested, we can put you in touch with retreat centres who specialise in preparing the body.

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