Many people who embark on a journey of self-discovery use plant medicines to enhance this process, and in some cases to facilitate connection with the Divine. Often they come to realise that this begins with self mastery, which ultimately means looking deep within one’s self. Iboga/Ibogaine will facilitate this process beautifully and rapidly, as long as one is ready and willing to allow the process to unfold. It certainly is important to begin at the outset with a strong and clear intention. The spirit of the plant is merciful though, in that it allows you to become the observer of your own process, without being totally overwhelmed. One is often able to see clearly one’s negative and self-sabotaging patterning and deeply ingrained habits. One is allowed to re-experience and examine the emotional traumas which are often the underlying cause of the problems we experience as adults. All this may be done with a certain amount of detachment, but always within the embrace of unconditional love and acceptance. Having looked into the depths of our own souls, we are able to release what no longer serves us, thus clearing the way for us to be able to experience more peace and joy in our lives through re-awakening our true Divine nature.

Please remember though, as with all Entheogens, much care must be taken before, during and after the experience.

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