2014 -2015- “My 8 Ibogaine journeys” – Sonette

Warning: There are many theories about our”journeys”. Are they real? Is it just a dream? Are we talking to our subconscious mind? do we simply feel “special” when we connect to the divine. These are all questions, and questions are good. All I can do is share my experience, I call it real, some experts call it the monkey mind, other people I know who are very connected to spirit tell me its real, so let us all decide for ourselves. As long as we have love in our hearts, what else really matters?

2014- 2015 – my story:

Over the last 3 years, I’ve been incredibly blessed to spend more than 200 hours in ceremony searching for answers from the plant teachers. Ayahuasca, SanPedro, Mushrooms, but mostly Iboga root bark/Ibogaine.

The summary of all the lessons I have learnt came together for me during my last Ibogaine journey a few days ago.
There is only one way for us to save this planet, and that is through the vibration of love.

I don’t want to go into too many details, because 200 hours of intensive lessons cannot be shared in words, but let me attempt to summarise about how I believe we can do this:

First we have to heal ourselves. We have to learn to love ourselves; we have to fill our own hearts with love. This is a tough journey, because we have to face our fears, see all the darkness, go to hell, purge, and purge and purge some more in order to let it all go. Clean our bodies from chemicals and genetically modified foods, which were designed to lower our vibrations. We have to heal our souls. We have to be very brave!

Once our hearts are full of love, we have to love, forgive, accept our nearest and dearest, our bloodlines, our enemies, and those who have hurt us.

Nelson Mandela, the Dalai Lama, and mother Teresa knew this. I was shown how President Kennedy understood this, but he searched for love in the wrong places, the same way people turn to drugs, alcohol and man made medicines, when their hearts are empty of love. Mostly pure souls are open to the evil man made demons like Heroin, Crack/Cocaine, Meth etc, because these demons feed on beautiful pure souls who are available. This makes them stronger. When a pure soul is filled with REAL love, not STUFF, then they are safe and protected. We need to search for this love within.

Then, once we have the love vibration in our hearts, we have to hold onto this vibration, by eating well, keeping our digestive tracks clean and full of healthy bacteria, we have to be positive, be deliberate like a praying mantis, and watch our every move, word and thoughts.

Finally we have to send all this love to our leaders, governments, police forces and corporations in order for them to see the light, because once they see the light, they will change too.
When are hearts are filled with love, we have a direct connection to God, and we become untouchable.

Let the light shine!

For me personally the difference between Ayahuasca and Iboga is that they are different teachers, yet both a direct connection to the Divine. For my first few Ayahuasca journeys nothing happened, then a few times after that I “went to hell”, which scared me to death. After a local shaman asked me not to return to journeys, because he “didn’t feel qualified”, I did a 10 day Mythical journey in Peru, Tiera Mitica Tarapoto. This was hard. I wrote about it (https://ayadiaries.wordpress.com/).

Then, I decided to try Iboga.

During my first journey (300mg of Ibogaine TA) I met a short African guy with spiky hair who was very funny, allowed me to ask any questions, and then turned into an Italian man, because he felt as a white South African I was too programmed to take him seriously even though I disagreed. Iboga showed me how the planets were in alignment, that after 1000s of years the Light has won over the Dark and that the time was perfect for all on earth to release karma pain and suffering. He held my hand, took me to show me a Sun bigger than ours and 3 suns away, far far away. He introduced me to some black giant gods who didn’t say anything but I got the feeling that they were contemplating worlds? If that makes sense 😉 It was a pleasant journey and I felt very safe.

During my 2nd journey (300mg Ibogaine +bowl of root bark) all that happened was that I was told to eat root bark and felt my insides being cleaned. I was shown that unless the digestive track was clean and in balance that very little spiritual work was possibly. I was told that we need to all eat high vibration foods in order to connect to spirit. In addition to this I was shown how my stomach area was connected to both the centre of the earth as well as the “big sun”, like a large pipe of white light? Conduit? I didn’t really understand but this is what I was shown.

During my 3rd journey (350mg), I was asked to release pain, karma and suffering of a serial rapist, which was a challenge because I had to witness what he did which made me physically ill. This time, I met the Meth Amphetamine spirit with big black eyes who threw a knife at me because; Iboga explained to me that I gave this person his soul back. During this time I was also asked to release for a local African priest. Once I completed this, the entire village lined up for me to release their karma too. The next day, after my ceremony, local traditional healers, Sangomas and a priest from the local Sesotho, Setswana and Zulu villages arrived on the farm where I did the journey to come and thank me. This blew my mind, because a part of me still thought that although these experiences were extremely vivid, that perhaps it was my imagination. The African ladies as well as the priest were very emotional. The best confirmation that I was on the right track.

My 4th journey: The setting was perfect. Ten of us met on a beautiful eco farm near Stanford Hermanus, 1.5 hours from Cape Town. We had, as usual a very special support team, in Paulina, Tanitchka and Antoinette. I took 350mg of Ibogaine. Within 10 minutes I had to get comfortable on my bed. I struggled to see, had a conversation with an angel (a girl I knew when I was young who committed suicide, who wanted me to help her with her parents sadness – we had a long chat as I said that I couldn’t promise anything) so after an hour I was given another 150mg. Within 10 minutes, Iboga was there. This time he was the most beautiful and perfect black “human being” that I had ever seen. He said that he was very pleased to see me again, and wanted to show me something. He took me to meet 2 beautiful young Jewish girls. Long black hair, white skin, about 6 or 7 years old. The moment I saw them I asked them where their parents were. The girls replied that “the monster took them”. I felt a great sadness come over me, when they showed me their version of what the monster looked like. I then saw Hitler’s face flashing.
Me: Iboga who are these girls and how can I help them?

Iboga: The one is you and the other one is your friend *Una.
*Una is a friend and EO Dublin member who came to join me in Cape Town and decided to do the Iboga journey with me? We met in London a few months ago and immediately connected for some strange reason.

Iboga: You can help them by releasing the karma for Germany.
My heart suddenly started beating and I literally starting sweating like I was in a sauna.
Me: Will it be painful? Will I survive it?
Iboga: You will and a little suffering is what is required for great things.
Me: Fine let’s do it.
Iboga took my hand and took me off the planet. Next I saw Iboga and a lot of angels gathering what looked like sticky black goo. All whilst I was lying down on my bed., but in my “dream” or vision of whatever we call it, I was out there with them. I suddenly moved to lie on my side in the foetal position on my bed and felt nauseas. Iboga instructed me to lie on my back as I was blocking the flow, so although I was very uncomfortable I did as I was told.
It took ages, and the goo turned into a very heavy cloud which looked like a volcanic cloud of ash.
At the same time as I was having this experience, Antoinette was outside talking a walk on the farm. She saw a very heavy black cloud coming overhead, which slowly started going up, then fragmented and disintegrated. The exact same thing happened to me. My “dreams” or “visions” were as real as any reality that I experience in my day to day life, so when Antoinette told me thins the next day I was not even surprised.
After all this, I felt SO GOOD that I going into “Ego” and felt like I could “high five” Iboga and the angels.
Just then, in my peripheral vision, 2 Chinese cartoon characters dressed in white red and blue started dancing.
My heart started beating again, because I knew what was coming next.
Iboga: Are you prepared to release some karma for China.
(I couldn’t breathe, then started vomiting.
Me: Iboga, this WILL kill me.
Iboga: We will stop before you die.
Me: I am VERY scared.
Suddenly I felt my skin crawl, and when I looked my entire body was covered in sunflowers and a sunflower head rest. I was surrounded by the most intense yellow light from these sunflowers. In fact I became the sunflower goodness or queen; ) I was beautiful!
Me: I feel safe. Let’s do it!
The moment China came into focus I saw masses and masses of black messy but spikey clouds which Iboga and his angels started gathering. On the side I became aware of 6 Chinese generals frantically starting to “sort” between the muck. They came closer and closer to me, but I could see that they were incredibly scared. They started screaming in Chinese, so loud, that I thought my head was going to explode. I asked Iboga to make them stop, but he simply told me to continue the work.
After a lot more screaming I shouted everyone to STOP. I asked the closest general what his problem was. He told me that the world didn’t know about some of this. I told him that I was not releasing this to the media, but sending it to the great sun to make it go away!
He was stunned but the others would simply not stop performing. It became clear to me that these guys are human beings who know how to go in and out of the spirit world, the same way as we do when we take this medicine.
My body took major strain. By now I was a sick as a dog and generally convinced that I was close to dying. Iboga just looked at me with such love, that I felt prepared to suffer if needed.
Paulina and Tanitchka came to check on me, carried me to the bathroom and helped me to breathe and stay calm.
Once I got back to my bed, did some breathing and calmed down, I closed my eyes, and continued to realease for China.
This lasted for hours and hours. My journey in total, took 20 hours.
It was physically tough, but I was rewarded.
My 5th journey:
The moment I took the medicine, I connected with Iboga and asked that I didn’t want to save the world today; I simply wanted some clarity on my own life, my marriage, that I was doing a good job with our 3 children etc. I got a lot of answers and clarity but it felt like the longest 20 hours ever. I got the feeling that my life was so small compared to the work that is needed to be done on this planet.
I do believe there are many more journeys to be done for all of us……First we have to heal and ourselves, our blood lines, then the REAL work will start : )
My 6th journey will be within a few weeks from now..
Never during any of the journeys did anything happen without my consent, and at any time, I could open my eyes and be back in the room. For me personally the difference between Ayahuasca and Iboga was simply that they are different teachers, but both a direct connection to the Divine. Iboga for me was interactive and I was an observer.
Sometime during 2015 :

So, after 6 Ibogaine ceremonies, as strange thing has started to happen to me. I receive “downloads” at night. Such vivid dreams that I feel that I am back in ceremony. The buzzing in my ears are slightly annoying but I am getting used to it.
I would like to share a very funny story I was told last night.
There was this guy names Joe. Joe was an Entrepreneur. Not just any entrepreneur, he was a brilliant salesman. He was SO good that he managed to get an appointment with God himself.
So Joe, very excited with this achievement sat down and asked if he would like advice on how to become untouchable.
God: This is no problem at all Joe, so God gave him a crash course on how white magic works.
Joe: This is brilliant, I am so glad I came to see you, I’m blown away. I am going to use this magic to become the most powerful man in the world. I can see it clearly, maybe I even become a “corporate magician for hire” – the endless possibilities! This is SO exciting! But let me not take any more of your time God, I have to get back to my desk, because now that I am a powerful dude, I have many “power” things to do, I can see my schedule is going to be packed, I have to go immediately, there is just not going to be enough time available to me, so whatever else you have for me, make it quick, I must go.
God: All well Joe, but I have some Good and Bad news for you. Let’s not focus on the bad news for now, because it’s not pretty or rather like you would say, its MESSY, so lets start with the good news: Those 3 beautiful children that you and your wife have, they are the good news, because they have love in their hearts for now, so they have the opportunity to live their lives as “the untouchables”, but only if their hearts are full of love, if they feel loves at all times. If they learn to accept and love themselves unconditionally, if there is love in their home. If their parents speak of love and connect to God in nature, through what they eat etc.
Joe, you will die one day, and so will your children. If you think this reality of life is complicated, then try the “other side” for a “silly joke”. If you chose power over love, then power will turn on you, and your love vibration will diminish, and “passing over” will be……lets just say “ CHALLANGING” or dark.

August 2015:
I just did my 8th Ibogaine journey. As usual I have something to share:
The reason I keep going back to do another journey, is because all my previous journeys were profound. This one was very different:
I took 450mgpure Ibogaine HCL from the Voacanga Africana tree (I weigh 55kg).
The medicine took a while to work – about 2 hours. This was definitely due to the fact that I had become a bit slack in my preparation of these journeys, as I didn’t fast or do any juicing the few days before as previously, and did only 1 colonic. (Usually I do 3).
The moment the medicine started working a being of light stood in from of me, and this is how our conversation (with visuals) went:
Me: Hi there, you look different to the other times.
Light Being: What are you doing here?
Me: (Stunned!) Well …I…umm….Do you have some more lessons for me… anything; I’m here to learn more.
LB: You already have everything.
Me: ok, um…I’ve come with a list of questions this time.
LB: You want a magic wand to heal and fix people, it doesn’t work like that.
Me: (Shocked) – silent.
LB: The medicine is a gift from the creator to save this planet, but why deny other beings the right to learn their lessons?
LB: This medicine is pure light energy. If you stay in the sun for too long, your skin will burn, the same with this medicine, if you take too much and too often you will burn your internal organs and your physical body will be harmed.
Me: (Devastated) But I love meeting you and I’ve really enjoyed all these lessons, now what am I going to do?

LB: I am always with you, but you have to learn to be quiet, ask your questions and you will get the answers.
Me: During past journeys, myself and many others were asked to release pain karma a suffering from the planet, don’t you need us anymore?
LB: You work will continue. Everyone is different.
Me: I’ve been asked to help a guy come off heroin; you’ve given me hours of lessons about addictions and entity possessions, but what if something goes wrong, what if he dies? I told him I will help him, but now I am full of fear.
LB: First the soul must decide and make the choice to find healing, so this is good. He wants to be clean from this imprint. The physical body is compromised so yes you have to take care, but there are many ways to do this, not just one way. This is for the individual to decide. Not for you. He must take the responsibility. Trust your intuition.

LB: The quick fix, of taking a lot of medicines in one go, is not for everyone. It works for some, but some physical bodies are not strong enough to handle all this heat, and the experience can be too severe and traumatic. If you take 1 gram of this medicine at once or the same quantity broken into smaller amounts over a period of time it has the same effect. Again personal responsibility is very important here, because if the person decides to choose to abuse this medicine by combining it with other medicine, well that is their choice. You are not responsible for another person, but you can share this gift from the creator. You can assist people to find their own magic wand to heal themselves.
Me: Thank you that makes sense. If I understand correctly, people can either do a single journey with a “flood dose”, or they could take the same amount over a period of time, but only if they DO NOT combine it with anything else, other than medicine that is 100% organic and natural. Some people may need 1 journey a lifetime, others a few, but never too many because it can harm the internal organs.
LB: Everyone is different. People must learn to listen to the body, to know when there is need for more medicine.
Me: Can I ask some of my other questions now please.
LB: Go ahead
Me: Over the last two weeks, I look at the clock I see 11:00 or 12:00 or 14:00. Always “00”, what does this mean?
LB: Spirit is with you, and there is good news for your planet now. The light has reached a point of no return and is growing fast. This is due to all the work that the light workers have been doing on this planet. The teacher plants are Gaia’s gift and they have all been working very hard to shine light and release karma and darkness from the planet. During this time light will shine on darkness which can create fear, so it is very important to stay with the love vibration. Each person must take personal responsibility to stay with love. This is their protection.
Me: Plants like Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Mushrooms, Iboga, Marijuana, Payote etc?
LB: Correct
Me: (I see forests and plant spirits dancing and bright light “zooting” around everywhere). I suddenly felt such joy. Still a little sad that “LB” or as I call him “Iboga” was not to happy with me being back in the spiritworld: ) but that was just my ego : )
Me: Can you show me my creator?
I found myself staring at crystals and light so bright that I couldn’t bare it for too long. It was simply overwhelming. My heart rate went crazy; I started overheating and found I couldn’t breathe. I was forced to open my eyes and get back into the room, because it was simply too much.
The rest of my journey was personal so no need to share more..
I am still not 100% sure of where to go to from here, however I trust that all will be revealed. I will continue to ask questions, and hope to find enough quiet time to allow the answers to come to me.
I do however believe that we could assist people to heal themselves from many diseases with this medicine. Pharmaceutical companies will not like this, because it is a once a lifetime treatment, or perhaps a few times a lifetime, which is not going to be attractive for any business for profit.

May the light shine bright!!


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