Playing with fire – My Voacanga total alkaloid journey

I’ve just had the biggest arse kicking of my life, and I’ve had arse kicking’s before. I once did a mythic voyage in the Amazon jungle where I drank Ayahuasca everyday for a few days until the 4th day, 4th journey, when I was given enough medicine (3 large cups) to keep me in a 36 hour journey of constant purging, which was hell, so I’m not unfamiliar with hell.

Previously I had done 8 Ibogaine journeys, and always found them insightful, many times very entertaining but generally it was like going to Spirit or Mythic School and learning from God himself. It was never easy; don’t get me wrong, but the rewards always fantastic.

I know from experience that the best idea is to prepare the body, so I spent 3 days, spending a fortune on freshly squeezed juices, green, orange, red etc., I did an organic coffee colonic (yes , I know, hilarious! Imagine using organic arabica coffee to do a colonic!:)

My husband and I had been talking about doing the full alkaloids of the Voacanga Africana Rootbark, as we’ve have only ever done the pure Ibogaine extract from Voacanga and Tabernanthe Iboga. He is more academic than me, so investigated each alkaloid, read papers etc, and we both felt that it should safe.

I took 200mg of Total Alkaloids of the Voacanga Africana and 300mg of pure HCL.
Because I could not find anyone else who had ever taken this medicine to share their experience, I had to do this in the faith that the spirit of Iboga as I have come to know him over my previous journeys would be there for me, when I got the “the other side”.

About 15 minutes after I took the medicine, I found myself going through that terrible astral plane where I felt like someone holding a remote, and flicking through channels. Lots and lots of male energy all around…many angry stories, aggression, not a nice place.

Suddenly I found myself in a forest in front of a woman, next to a fire. She was doing handy work, like beads. She was the warmest, funniest, kindest BIG black woman I had ever met. When she smiled at me, I felt the entire forest smiling. A million dollar smile, as some people say.

When she looked up and saw me, she laughed out loud, she couldn’t contain herself, she was in stitches.

Mama: What are you doing here Sonette? I know you! You want to have council with “the dark ones”. You don’t need to meet them, there are other ways.

I saw “Iboga” as I have come to know him during my last journeys standing in the background.

Me: Mama – look here is Iboga.

Mama: He is Impi, I am the mother. You and your husband you are like two Impi’s running around creating little Impi’s (I saw our 3 boys). Running around with your swords. NO MORE IMPI! You need female energy now. You need to PLAY, PAINT, MAKE PICTURES, DO HANDY WORK, have fun, plant trees. Like small children, just have fun.

Me: But I have a business to run, 3 children. Many responsibilities.

Mama: Look around you, find luxury in nature, make a simple life, and have fun, play, play, play. She gave me long lessons about how important creative energy, music, dance and all that is, and that REAL power lies in this. The so called “dark ones” fear this energy; they cannot do anything about this. This is our power. They want change our DNA, implant in us the “tiny little computers” small enough to go into the sperm, through injections, screens, pills, all to control us. She generally made me laugh even with all this serious information.

Every time I asked a serious question of concern, she said I must go and PLAY!! Even at the office I must play?!
After 4 hours of serious lessons, fun and laughter and questions and answers, and teaching me about boundaries etc. I looked at her and she started fading.

I suddenly realised that she was preparing me for the scariest 10 hours of my life. It was like I had opened the biggest doors to EVERYTHING and I invited them in. Every sinister character you can ever imagine was trying to invade my space, so I had to try and stay in the love vibration, and had to do a lot of breathing and blowing air to dispel the darkness. I felt like I was fighting for my life for 10 hours. It was a test, a very hard test. I did a lot of purging. My poor husband silently went into a panic attack at what he felt and saw. He saw his wife suffering, and felt sinister energies all around. Thankfully after 16 hours it was all over.

I’ve learnt many valuable lessons, received incredible information from this great female spirit of Voacanga Africana, Big mama Africa. She had mercy and she was kind, but she made a very clear that if we want to step into our power to that degree that we have to be incredibly brave.
She told me we should micro-micro dose (“just a pinch”) of the total alkaloid and to take 3 Voacanga seeds a day to balance the male and female energy. She showed me the circle of life from seed to tree etc. She also wants us all to plant Voacanga Africana trees.

I have a large bag of seeds, so if anyone is prepared to try and grow a tree, I will send you a small bag of seeds. As long as you cover the postage /distribution ($5). Voacanga is not illegal anywhere as far as I know? I can post seeds after the new year, around the 7th of January.

My lessons: It was arrogant of me to believe I was ready to do a Voacanga TA journey, and I am very grateful to my kind sweet husband for his supporting me through this crazy adventure.

I DO NOT recommend the TA to anyone, only a “pinch” a day : ) But I do recommend for all of us to LOVE and PLAY more and plant trees : )

ps. Word of warning x 2:

“Hi Sonette,

The juice fast sounds like a nice thing to do but not before an ibogaine flood! I know what you’re taking is a mixture. It all makes me very nervous that those are the experiments that you’re doing and really recommend that you read the clinical guidelines that we published. They are the product of several decades of underground knowledge plus real scientific research, and you’ll see that any kind of fasting in advance of ibogaine is explicitely not recommended. Eating full whole-food meals is the recommendation for many reasons. I really recommend that you read it!

Jonathan Dickinson
Global Ibogaine Therapy Alliance
US: 1 (415) 830-3973”

Warning: Im told that people should not take any of my blog posts as literal, nor any of the dosing suggestions. There is always a possibility that what we experience is simply a “monkey mind” on medicine, or maybe it is real? Let each of us decide for ourselves. For me it feels very real, but this is just me : )