Q&A about Visions during journeys

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Question: Do you think what I experience during these journeys are real or is it simply a “monkey mind”.

(I asked a well respected academic. Someone I respect tremendously, who walks the talk and lives life doing good, being kind, giving lectures, generally close to nature and truly connected to spirit. I trust him.)


“Hmmmm, what is real? The First Nation Americans from the four corners region ask – ‘Does it grow corn?’ Is your vision enriching your life, here, now? If it is, then it does not matter if it is from dream, vision or an everyday event. If however It is not ‘growing corn’, then it may just be entertaining, which is not ‘bad’ per sé, just needs to be put in perspective. So a businessman may think he is doing an important job running his business but it may be superfluous in the big picture… The personal and community creative energy development may be the most important action we can take and so nurturing this is crucial. Our solid reality seems more real but this is speculative… The plant medicine is not a truth serum. The visions can be delusional, just like this reality, perception and perspective can be twisted and warped creating perverse vision which happens from schism and disconnection. So we can have clear visions which are true for us and they can be universal truths or they can be delusions, usually split into low self image and personal like paranoia or delusions of grandeur which seem transpersonal but are like super ego – messianic complex. With plant medicine, as our body and psyche move toward healing and balance, we are shown a picture (movie) of a process (it is not important to see but can help ie the healing can occur without vision ) – our being uses the ‘dream’ language specific to our experience and ideas to communicate the balancing that is occurring… This often takes the form of a narrative line your story. And as with all stories, there are layers of depth and our personal depth of ‘seeing’ allows us to access the layers of what is being communicated. If we read a book as a child and as an adult, we can extract different depths of meaning, but ultimately there is only the meaning we bring to it! If your monkey mind seems unruly and requires taming, even a tame monkey is still a monkey- friendly, intelligent even wise, but not an immortal, super intelligent spirit being that you are.”

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