Preparing our minds for the journey

A while ago I had been asked to facilitate journeys for 3 people. As usual I prepared etc. The night prior to the journeys I was woken up by a being who gave me very strict instructions, some, very specific to each individual, however I feel that it was so valuable that I should share this experience.

One person had been to rehab; the other 2, mother and son were dealing with very traumatic family issues. I almost felt that it was their deceased mother who came to meet with me, but it was a kind spirit. The instructions however were crystal clear.

I was to sit them down and explain the following prior to the journey:

The person with substance issues had to understand that there are many layers to healing. The physical body, being the first layer. Visions are not important, and we should NOT try and make stories of our visions, because when we do, our logical minds can hi-jack the story telling (I am very guilty of this myself!), so if he experienced no visions, then this must be accepted and it is as it should be.

Then I had to give them each a sheet of white paper and draw two circles on each sheet of paper. In the one circle they had to write or draw pictures of all the darkness in the world that comes to mind. The worst kind. I could even suggest some, like child rape, sexual debauchery, deforestation, corruption, all the evil of the world. They should sit with this for a while, and consider the worst kind of darkness.

In the 2nd circle they should write or make pictures of all the LIGHT they can think of, like imagine someone dancing like nobody is watching, children laughing, sacred sexual energy, love, kindness, flowers blooming, nature at its best. Imagine a body surfer surfing without fear, with passion and freedom. The beauty of a tropical forest. The sounds etc. Again, they had to sit with this for a while.

Once the above exercise had been completed, they had to understand that during their journeys, they may be presented with both of the above, however, that it is extremely important as the observer, to just OBSERVE, and not to get involved in any story that is shown or presented during the journey.

I had to explain that when we take this medicine we are like a flame. We could attract the ugliest hairiest, biggest, bad ass moth, but a flame is never scared. This medicine is like ingesting pure sunlight energy, so with breath we can be like a dragon and clear the air. We are untouchable and there is nothing to fear. When there is love and light we are untouchable.

May we all continue to heal ourselves with this medicine which is a gift,be fearless warriors and beautiful dragons.

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