Legal Status in South Africa

Notice regarding legal status of Ibogaine in South Africa: “March 2016: MEDICINES CONTROL COUNCIL SCHEDULING MATTERS SCHEDULING OF IBOGAINE TO ALL APPLICANTS Please be advised that at a recent meeting of the Medicines Control Council, Council resolved that ibogaine (12-methoxyibogamine) be included in the Schedules as a Schedule 6 substance. Currently, ibogaine does not appear[…]


Research on Parkinsons Disease

See below some information: Some information on our website: On the Global Ibogaine Alliance website: Also very good to watch :

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Flyer Ibogaine Study Interview Ibogaine Study Call for Participants Contact – Maurice Ohren: Research Fellow, ICEERS Foundation Phone +34 688 913 471 / +34 931 882 099 Email: Skype: mauriceohren Study objective: We are searching for volunteers for an scientific ibogaine project in which the aim is to design a psychological questionnaire to assess[…]