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As of May 2016 Ibogaine is no longer available as a traditional medicine and now a schedule 6 medicine.

Our question to the producer of Ibogaine as to what this means:

“During the past few days I met relevant people (in Pretoria – MCC and Department of Health including some here in Cape Town) to discuss issues around ibogaine regulation. It is crystal clear that ibogaine is schedule 6, which means if you manufacture you will have to have permit/license. In addition the lab has got to be in quality/GMP-like standard set out by MCC. There’s got to be a pharmacist on site who will monitor the final stage of the formation of ibogaine. He/she will be the person who will mainly possess final product of ibogaine. All product weighing will have to take place in the clean room (dust free room). Amount of stock will be recorded by the pharmacist including the amount sold and the person sold to and annual turn over amount reported. Final product should be kept in a lockable cabinet. The bottom line is there must be a balance to what is made and what is sold, failing which jail sentence will prevail. One more thing, every batch produce must be sent to an accredited lab or SABS for validation and they will issue certificate of analysis. For selling internationally we will need import permit of the country we export to. Locally, we can only sell to people who also possess permit/license. In addition, to obtain a permit/licence one must be a member of a statutory body amongst other requirements.

My understanding is that as of the schedule date we are not allowed to manufacture, possess, sell or export ibogaine without a permit.

That’s the best info I have at my disposal. Hope it will shed some light.

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Ethnomedicine Manufacturer – EPASA Accredited
PhD (Medicine), MBA”

Question: I would like to buy and do Ibogaine.

Answer: Please do not consider doing anything on your own. If you are going to be taking Ibogaine, even if it is in your own home, you will need someone competent to look after you. The effects of the medicine last for about 18 hrs, and for a large part of that time your motor functions will be impaired quite severely – you will need help to get to the bathroom etc. Depending on the state of your health, you may need a registered nurse or a doctor to be present. In order to give you proper advice we also need to know the reason for your enquiry – will you be using it to come off an addictive substance, for spiritual development or do you have some other type of ailment such as chronic depression or anxiety? If you go to our shop you will find all the prices. However, once we know the precise purpose for your proposed use of Ibogaine, then we will be able to give you advice on what quantity to buy and how to use it. In the meanwhile, there are links to 29 different research articles from our site, covering uses for all possible ailments which can be treated with this substance, together with practical advice from the experts. Please have a good look at all of this information.

Contact: info@voacanga.co.za

Question: I would like to do a “full-flood” but no idea how much to take?

Answer: Please do as much research as you can. From our experience, about 10mg to 15mg of HCl per 1 kg of body weight, however each individual is unique so please consult with a Ibogaine Therapist. From our experience, it is most important to clean the digestive track as much as possible prior to your Ibogaine journey.

Question: I would like to micro-dose and no idea how to go about it.

Answer: We never recommend taking matters in your own hand, so please discuss with a qualified Ibogaine therapist. We can however share an experience. We have a close family friend who wanted to stop taking anti-depressants (with 30 years on medication), so with the guidance of an open minded medical professional reduced her dosage then stopped. She is 79. Her husband (also 79) stopped taking blood pressure medication too . They both started micro-dosing 15mg x 2 per day. They detoxed for 2 weeks, which was unpleasant, as they experienced nausea, headaches and felt very tired. By week 3 they stopped the micro-dosing. They had trouble sleeping so took indica cannabis oil at night. A month later, they no longer needed ANY medication whatsoever and continue to feel fantastic. They supplement by micro-dosing with of San Pedro Cactus and sometimes to take cannabis oil at night.
Please see all the research on this site.
Some health professionals recommend between 15mg and 30mg per day.

Feel free to email us at info@voacanga.co.za

Question: I would like to buy products but not sure if the products are not legal in my country:

Please check legal status of the product in your country before you order. Call or email us to discuss your options to go to countries where the medicine is legal or has no legal status.

Our medicine is 100% natural, organic and sustainable, however strong enough to kill or heal you : )